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Four Reasons to Give Assisted Living Another Look

Assisted living is not a death sentence anymore.  Sometimes, it’s a new lease on life.  You don’t need to be sick or old to go to assisted living, you can just be lonely.  No two assisted living communities are alike. 

  • Assisted living communities today provide first class socially stimulating activities and entertainment. They have educational lectures, exercise programs tailored to improving cognition and balance, cultural events and art classes. If personal care is needed it is available.Personal care can range from medication management to help with bathing and dressing, meals served restaurant style in the dining room, bathroom assistance and room checks, among other activities of daily living

  • Many people feel that assisted living communities will cost them too much, but when they compare the one-stop shop pricing of most assisted living communities to the cost of staying in your own home, they may be pleasantly surprised to find that it is more cost effective to move to assisted living.

  • We are all creatures of habit and the very thought of cleaning out the house and moving to assisted living is overwhelming.There are services that specialize in downsizing and can help you organize and arrange for items to be thrown away, sent to storage or sold.

  • People think moving into a senior living community will take away their independence. This is far from the truth. Assisted living communities want their residents to make their own decisions and stay as independent as they can.Even if the community provides personal care, they still encourage the resident to continue doing their own self care if they are physically able to and it is safe for them to do so. Residents can continue to live a life where they come and go as they like as long as they are fully capable of doing so, either physically or cognitively.

Faith Bandklayder, President of Welcome Home Senior Services and Placement Co., LLC offering FREE*, personalized services in senior living placement. *certain conditions apply.

Welcome Home Senior Services & Placement Co. focuses on providing hands-on, concierge-level support to our clients who are seeking our professional help. She focuses on helping seniors transition to independent living, assisted living, or memory care facilities. We proudly serve Miami-Dade, Broward, The Palm Beaches, the Florida Keys, as well as Lee and Collier Counties on Florida’s West coast. Our mission is to help you embark on this new beginning with excitement for what's ahead!



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