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What to Ask When Visiting a Senior Living Community:

  • Are the residents dressed appropriately and do they look well-groomed and clean?

  • Is there adequate staffing?

  • What is the response time that it takes when a resident calls for assistance?

  • Observe if the staff members respond in a kind and caring manner.

  • Is there an activity program?  Ask if there is a full-time activity director and look at the calendar of programs.

  • Are there a lot of residents sitting around with nothing to do?

  • Is there a community TV with good reception?

  • Are there pleasant public areas that residents can enjoy with their families and guests?

  • Is there a private dining room?

  • Is there a library and/or a card room?

  • Are there walking paths?

  • Are there rules about visiting and do you agree with them?

  • Is there a volunteer program?

  • Is there a house pet?

  • Are pets allowed in resident rooms? 

  • What are the rules? 

  • Is there an extra charge?

  • Are scooters allowed and what are the terms?

  • Is there adequate parking if you still drive?

  • Are the spaces numbered?

A Granddaughter Visiting Her Grandmother in an Assisted Living Facility

Feeling Overwhelmed? Call Us At 305-484-8779 or 239-404-9551

Senior Caregiver Providing Comfort to an Elder

Based upon the above information, you should be able to choose a facility that offers:

  • Good resident care

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff

  • Convenient location

  • Appropriate activities

  • Good food, well prepared and served in a warm and inviting atmosphere

  • Clean and free of odors

  • Conveniences that meet your needs

  • A place that you would like to call 'HOME'!

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