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Holistic Wellness: The Top Trend In Senior Living in 2022

There have been a lot of changes and adjustments in our daily life after the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, including the incorporation of new approaches into senior living.

After 2020, senior communities are focusing on wellness trends that will stand the test of time, such as access to outdoor spaces, ample natural light, social programs, and others that emphasize purpose, contentment, and an innate feeling of wellness.

Here are some of the top trends in holistic wellness improving the lives of seniors!

#1. Lifestyle and wellness culture

One way providers have been promoting wellness is through designing and programming choices for living spaces.

Introducing elements of nature like fresh plants, beautiful outdoor spaces, and lots of natural lighting to the design of living spaces in the community is a great way to promote a wellness culture.

Also, introducing other wellness programs like meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices helps promote wellness in the community.

#2. Educational programming

Investment in educational programming is another growing trend in senior living. The introduction of educational programs is encouraging residents of senior living communities to express themselves.

Adequate space must be provided within these facilities for education. Different classes that promote wellness, such as music lessons, dance classes, cooking classes, art classes, and even book clubs, should be introduced.

#3. Top-notch outdoor spaces

Another big trend in senior wellness is having updated, top-notch outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces can be very useful in promoting active programs that will improve the well-being of residents.

Updated outdoor spaces can be designed to include things like a beautiful patio, outdoor gardens, ponds, boutique fitness programs, swimming pools, yoga classes, and many other activities.

#4. Dedicated spaces for pet

A lot of senior living communities are becoming pet-friendly. Promoting activities dedicated to caring for residents' pets is also vital to improving the overall wellness of seniors.

Pet-friendly facilities and amenities such as dog parks and walking trails should be made available.

#5. Healthy meals & fine dining experiences

One huge trend in senior living is the focus on residents having a fine dining experience rather than simply filling their stomachs.

Many seniors are now able to enjoy and look forward to mealtimes, relishing the beautiful experience each time. Also, meals are now packed with nutrients to ensure seniors' dietary needs are met.

#6. Improved health & connection through technology

Technology is becoming an important aspect of senior living as it facilitates communication between staff, residents, and their families.

Senior living communities are also introducing modern technologies that help monitor residents' health and well-being, such as heart rate monitors, glucose level checkers, and activity trackers.

Other gadgets such as tablets, TVs, and many others are used to keep residents engaged and entertained. Many communities are also embracing telehealth to simplify seniors’ appointments with their doctors.



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