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How to Make Senior Living Transition Easier

Moving into a senior living community can be extremely difficult and daunting at first. You’re basically moving into new surroundings, away from the familiar faces of your loved ones, at a time when you probably need them more than ever.

You may even have reason to doubt the quality of the care you’ll receive at the senior facility or the caregivers' professionalism. Will you be alone? Will you feel worse than you did at home? Will you be looked after?

If you're planning to move into a senior living community and are feeling nervous, here are some tips to help you transition easily.

Explore communities early

Moving can be both emotionally and physically challenging, but most seniors wish they had decided to move earlier than they did.

Many senior living communities create programs that make moving into these communities easier by creating an environment where finding new interests and an atmosphere that helps you adapt quickly is their primary goal.

The in-home infrastructures and services put in place help older people move around and mingle to eliminate loneliness. Remaining at home is not advisable as it leaves the burden of caregiving on family members, which can be very exhausting.

Explore your hobbies and interests

When you move into your new community, try to get to know your environment through your hobbies and interests. Most communities have social activities, outings, and clubs in place to encourage seniors to adjust to new environments. You can look at the planned calendar for those events and pick one or choose a new one for a change.

Personalize your space

One of the most recommended tips for transitioning quickly is to decorate your new home and space almost, if not exactly, like your home. Designing it like your former space will bring a sense of security and a feeling of being at home and rid you of all the nervous and uncomfortable feelings.

Take it one step at a time

Always remember that not everyone adjusts to new things and changes the same way. So if you're not at ease right away, don't push it or be too hard on yourself. Give it time and gradually put yourself out there; you will get settled in before you know it. Don’t be in such a hurry; take it one day at a time.

Start up a conversation

You may feel uncomfortable and decide to sit right in your room, but the earlier you get out there and meet people, the better you adjust and get comfortable. Go for a walk, engage your neighbors in pleasantries, or go to the recreation room for mingling. That way, you can make new friends and feel better about your new home.

Are you looking for a senior living community and need help deciding which one? Contact us today. We are committed to helping you get into the independent living or assisted community that best suits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.



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