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How Will I Know?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I’ve been in this house for forty-five years. The kids were born and grew up here, and I could write a book with all of the memories that I’ve accumulated along the way. 

We’ve celebrated every one of life’s major events here, from the birth of our children, to the death of our parents; we’ve had our sons’ bris, weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties, bar-b-ques and sat Shiva for our parents.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I can walk the halls blindfolded and still know how to get from the bedroom to the kitchen and beyond.  Everything about this home is familiar to me.  Its smells, sounds, even the layout of the furniture.  I love my home.  Where did the years go? 

Time has passed by so quickly and now I’m old.  How did that happen?  I don’t feel any older, but my bones ache and my memory isn’t so good anymore.  Sometimes, I forget to turn off the oven or feel lonely at night.  I live here alone now. The kids are gone and the angel of death stopped by and took my one and only before either of us was ready. 

Sometimes I feel alone and sometimes I feel lonely…I think about moving into a community where I can be with other people and not have to prepare my own meals anymore.  How will I know when the time is right?  I’m not sure, but one thing I do know is I’m thinking about it, and that’s the beginning.  I just hope that I don’t do what so many of my friends have done and wait too long, so that I can’t enjoy my last days in the company of others and in good health.   

Instead of going kicking and screaming, let me go kicking up my heels and enjoy the moment!  They say, “Timing is everything.”  I say, “When is the right time?”  Change is hard for everyone, but if I think about the change more often than not, that’s how I will know it’s time.

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