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It Might be Time to Use a Senior Placement Company

Nobody likes the idea of having to leave the comfort and lifestyle of living in their own home. With so many lovely memories made there, it's a place of comfort and pride.

Nevertheless, as you or your loved ones grow older and become less independent, when might you be able to tell that it's time to use a senior placement company?

Consider the following signs to see if it's time to start making new, happy memories in the right senior living facility:

Accidents are on the rise

Unfortunately elderly people are more prone to falls and other accidents during their later stages in life. Residents at a high-quality senior care facility will receive safety check-ins on a daily basis. Pull cords and grab bars warn caregivers when seniors fall, which is just a small example of why senior living facilities provide so many safety measures. Knowing that your loved one will have a staff looking out for their well being is the best piece of mind.

Health problems that persist over time

When a chronic disease such as Alzheimer's, dementia, or cancer begins to affect a person's daily life, they may need a lot of assistance with normal day to day activities. Family members and loved ones may not be able to provide the level of care they require.

It's important to look at a senior community that offers a wide range of living options that can accommodate your demands. A senior placement company will help you locate the best facility for all your needs.

Having a hard time completing everyday tasks

If you find it challenging to go shopping, wash the dishes, drive, take care of the house, or have trouble keeping track of prescriptions, it may be time to use a senior placement company.

These responsibilities are handled for you by a senior living community; you will no longer have to perform all these daily tasks.

There is a lack of social ties

Living a long and healthy life is dependent on social connections. As people become older, they often times lose close friends and family members due to numerous reasons.

At a senior living facility, there are always new people to meet. Staying active and involved is easy when seniors have friends to dine with and a full calendar of events to look forward to.

Unhealthy dietary habits

There are several reasons why someone's weight may fluctuate rapidly, including major medical issues or a lack of time to cook a nutritious meal. Have a discussion with your doctor about the possibility that your weight has changed for various causes. This is a sign of when it might be time to use a senior placement company to connect you or a loved one with the right facility.

Issues with personal hygiene

Are you or a loved one not able to take care of your body like you used to? This puts more of a significant risk of infection and can worsen mental and emotional health.

Difficulties with self-care may be a symptom that you may not feel comfortable living on your own.

Welcome Home Senior Services and Placement Company Can Help.

We specialize in senior placement for assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, and senior living communities specializing in Alzheimer's care and dementia care. We are dedicated to making the transition to a new facility less daunting. Our focus is to streamline the process and narrow down senior living facilities that fit their physical, cognitive, social, and financial needs. Through one-one consultations, we understand each client's personal needs and find a facility for them to thrive in. Our services are FREE to our clients.

Visit us at Welcome Home to help you or your loved one make that smooth transition to a senior living facility. Get started today!



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