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6 Simple, Last-Minute Ways to Bring Holiday Cheer to Loved Ones in Senior Living

senior living community resident celebrating the holidays during COVID
Image credit: Irina Ermakova / Adobe Stock

The holiday season is best spent with family and close friends. Unfortunately, this year, that isn't the safest idea for many — especially those in senior living communities.

You may not be able to visit your loved one at their residence this holiday season (or maybe you can only see them briefly under Florida's current senior living general visitor guidelines), but that doesn't mean you can't spread some holiday cheer.

Here are six simple, last-minute ideas to help your loved one in a senior living facility celebrate the season.

1. Send a care package of their favorite holiday treats.

The holiday season is often full of classic family recipes and tasty, homemade baked goods. If you can't share a holiday meal with your loved one at their senior living community, you can prepare and deliver a holiday care package with cookies, breads, and other easy-to-transport goodies for them to enjoy. They'll be sure to think of fond family memories while they're enjoying their treats.

2. Set up a virtual crafting party.

Whether you use a craft kit or put your own together, get creative and have some fun by doing a craft together over Zoom or FaceTime. Package up everything your loved one will need to complete a fun, festive project such as making holiday ornaments, knitting scarves and hats, or building a gingerbread house. Then, set up a video call and work on your crafts simultaneously. When you see each other again, you can give each other the handmade crafts as a special reminder of your (virtual) time together.

3. Watch a holiday movie together.

'Tis the season for holiday movies! Set your loved one up with a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu and plan to watch your favorite seasonal films at the same time (or send a DVD copy, if they'd prefer). You can get on a phone call while you're watching and chat in real-time, or call them afterward to discuss your favorite parts.

4. Purchase a digital photo frame and load it up with family photos.

Your loved one is likely missing your family holiday traditions, especially during a year when they haven't seen much of their relatives. If you have digitized versions of old family photos (or newer ones on your phone), you can set up a digital photo frame in a relatively short period of time and hand-deliver this special gift to your loved one's community. All they have to do is plug it in and watch an instant slideshow of family memories.

5. Gather outside your loved one's community and sing holiday songs.

If your loved one's senior living community will allow it (and you're musically inclined!), you and your household can gather outside the entrance of the facility and have a good old-fashioned holiday caroling session. Your loved one will be touched that you came to entertain them and their fellow residents, and they can even join in the caroling to get in the holiday spirit.

6. Create and send a handmade holiday greeting card.

Forget the generic drug store holiday card — this year, take a few minutes to handcraft a one-of-a-kind holiday card from the heart. With a few simple crafting materials, you can make a truly customized greeting that your loved one can cherish for years to come.

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