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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors in 2022

senior couple with new year's sparklers
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Another new year has arrived, and it’s important to set intentions ahead of time to go into the next 365 days with a better mindset. As a senior or the loved one of a senior, focusing on specific goals for 2022 can make for brighter days ahead.

Need some inspiration when brainstorming the right resolutions? Here are six great New Year’s resolutions for seniors in 2022.

1. Eat more nutrient-dense foods

Even though your need for calories lessens as you age, your need for nutrients increases with time. For seniors, it’s especially important to eat more nutrient-dense foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood, lean meats, beans, nuts, and seeds. Use healthier fats when cooking, like avocado or olive oil, and try to reduce your intake of salty snacks and sugar-sweetened beverages and desserts.

2. Get more physically active

No matter your age, it’s important to be physically active: it’s been shown that exercise is an integral part of aging healthily and living a longer life. Studies have shown that an exercise routine of walking, jogging, or cycling can improve blood pressure, resting heart rate, maximum pumping capacity, and muscle mass. Yoga is another great exercise seniors can do to help improve endurance, balance, and strength. Dedicating a portion of your day to physical activity, even just 10 minutes, can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

3. Join a club

Social engagement and connections are especially important for seniors. In fact, older adults who have active social lives have been shown to have better cognition and overall health, and a lower risk of depression and disability. A great way to make new friends is to join a club, especially one that hosts social events. It also provides you with an opportunity to pursue your interests, like reading, movies, photography, cooking, and more.

4. Stimulate your mind

As you age, it’s important to keep your mind stimulated. Challenging yourself mentally is the best way to keep yourself sharp and reduce your risk of memory loss and developing dementia. Reading daily, doing crosswords, taking a class, or joining a book club are some good methods for flexing your mental muscles. Learning new things helps build cognitive reserve, the brain’s resilience, and the ability to cope with stress and challenges.

5. Connect with loved ones

Staying socially engaged is important, especially when it comes to maintaining your existing connections with your loved ones. For instance, spending time with your children and grandchildren, if you have them, leads to better physical and mental health outcomes. You can also make it a point to reach out to old friends and rebuild those connections. Social media is a great way of doing this.

6. Find the perfect senior living community

Another great way to make new social connections and feel more supported as you age is to join a senior living community. Depending on your needs, these communities can accommodate your health concerns and lifestyle by providing a safe environment and home.

If you need help looking for such a senior living community, we’re here to help. Welcome Home Senior Services & Placement Co. offers free, hands-on concierge services to help you choose the perfect assisted living, independent living, or memory care facility in Florida. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about the hundreds of communities we represent.



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