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Pets And Senior Living Communities: “What To Do If I Have A Pet And Need To Take Care Of A Pet?”

"Isn't she cute!" It's a joy to have the company of a furry companion. Many elders adore having the companionship of their pet, which they shower with love and attention frequently in exchange for licks, cuddles, playful barks, and friendship.

According to a recent poll by the University of Michigan, more than 50% of seniors (adults aged between 50 and 80 years) own pets. Given the furry love and companionship that they provide, this is not surprising. After all, caring for pets has been shown to reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety, which ultimately leads to healthier living.

As a pet owner looking to move into a senior living community, you will want to make sure to find the community that is right for you and your furry friend.

Things to consider

Before you make arrangements for your pet to come live with you in senior living, you have to consider a number of things:

The Breed of the Pet

Senior living communities want a safe environment for all. That being said, certain breeds that are known to be more aggressive are often times not allowed to stay at in the community. You also have to consider whether your pet tends to bite or do stuff to frighten people.


Making sure that your animal is up-to-date on all vaccinations is important for the safety of the community. Be sure to look for communities have veterinarians that will come and assist on your and your animal in the community.


Pets are quite expensive to maintain, particularly when they’re growing old. You have to factor in grooming, feeding, and required veterinary care costs. As assisted living itself is far from cheap. You may have to choose between the merits of spending money on upkeep for the senior instead of the pet.


Some senior living communities have dedicated staff members who will help take care of your dog on a daily basis. This is very helpful for walking the dog, taking them to the bathroom, giving them a bath and many other duties that may be tough for the owner to do.

Noise and Behavior

Senior living communities want to maintain an enjoyable environment for everyone. You will want to make sure the community you are looking for is the right fit for the type of animal you own.

What to do to bring my pet to a Senior Living Community

After considering the above factors, you need to take certain steps to ensure that having your pet around will be completely convenient for you.

Pick the right community

The truth is that not all communities will allow seniors to bring in pets to live with them. As a result, you have to do the research on the community you choose. Welcome Home Senior Care has a lot of community options that we can help you with when looking to have your pet live with you.

Extra deposits

When bringing in your pet, you will often have to pay a refundable deposit in the case of unprecedented emergencies. Some communities may also place a limit on the amount of pets the senior can have. The maximum number is commonly two pets.


It’s always ideal to communicate effectively with everyone involved, from the seniors to the caregivers in the facility. It’s easier to sort things out when everyone understands why you want to have your pet around and how your pet will behave.

So, have you finally decided to bring a pet to a senior living community? Great! Welcome Home Senior Care can help you find the right community that provides the best care and support for you and your pet in The Palm Beaches, Florida Keys, Miami-Dade County, Collier and Lee Counties. Schedule a free consultation on how to get started by contacting us today!



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