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Senior Living Is Not a Life Sentence

Are you concerned about moving into a senior living community? A sense of freedom is crucial to mental well-being, so it’s understandable if you’re worried about how senior living will affect it. However, there’s no need to be afraid. No, you won’t be condemned to a life sentence of boredom and loneliness. In reality, senior living is a thriving community where you can live your best life, filled with opportunities for growth, adventure, and meaningful connections.

Can I opt out of senior living?

When you sign a residence contract at a senior living community, you should understand that it’s not a rental lease. You can opt-out at any time of your choice if you don’t like the environment for any reason or you’re not getting what you signed up for. You can opt out provided you give a 30 to 60-day notice to allow the administrators to wrap up the necessary paperwork involved and other matters.

Depending on your chosen senior living facility, you may have to pay a non-refundable entrance fee or community fee that you won’t get back if you leave. The exact fees can vary greatly depending on the community and the type of housing. However, this by no means hinders you from leaving whenever you want to.

What if I have another home?

If you own a condo or a house that you can afford to maintain year-round or at least for six months, it gives you some flexibility. In this case, you won’t have to rush to get settled in the new community before you’re ready. Additionally, it gives you a fall-back option to enjoy in case you’re not adapting to the new community as quickly as you’d hoped. This is a great option if you’re using an independent living facility and can take care of yourself without much assistance.

However, additional costs are incurred to consider, as you’ll need to go home with an aide. Additionally, you may have to cope with loneliness and miss out on all the social and recreational activities that go on at the senior living community.

What a senior living community truly means

A senior living community isn’t a place where you’re abandoned by your loved ones and left to the care of strangers who’ll restrict your movements. You can opt-out at any time, provided you give appropriate notice to those in charge.

What a senior living community truly offers is freedom. You have the freedom to go where you want to, with an aide to attend to your needs. Also, you get to socialize and enjoy various recreational programs with your peers.

Your preferences are also considered, and you can make tweaks to your apartment as you please. For instance, if you prefer to cook your own meals, you’ll gain access to your own kitchen. You can also add personalized decorations to your apartment to make it reminiscent of your home.

Getting started

A senior living community is anything but a life sentence, as it offers you the freedom to live the way you want. Find the community that genuinely meets your needs by contacting us today.

We are dedicated to making the transition to a new facility less daunting. Our focus is to streamline the process and narrow down senior living facilities that fit their physical, cognitive, social, and financial needs. Through one-one consultations, we understand each client's personal needs and find a facility for them to thrive in. Our services are FREE to our clients.



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