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4 Signs You're Ready for a Senior Living Community

senior woman sitting at home
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The idea of leaving the home you love and moving into a senior living community might seem scary and uncomfortable. You may be wondering if it’s even safe to consider a move right now, considering the risks presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, you should know that communities across the country are taking COVID-19 very seriously. They are following the CDC’s guidelines for retirement communities regarding sheltering-in-place, social distancing, and sanitation, and doing everything they can to protect their residents against the virus.

Most importantly, there are many ways that independent living or assisted living could make your life easier, and possibly better, as you age. Therefore, it may be worth it to start investigating your options sooner rather than later.

Here are some signs you’re ready to consider this next chapter of your life.

1. You’re tired of maintaining your home.

Does your home feel too big for you? Is it becoming more difficult to keep up with housework, yard work, and maintenance? It should come as no surprise, although it might be an unwelcome one, that it gets harder to take care of a home as you age. If you’re tired of struggling to maintain your home, moving into an independent living community could be the downsizing solution you’ve been looking for.

Since most older adults don’t need as much space as they used to, selling your home and moving into an independent or assisted living community can provide you with dedicated personal care and assistance, including home repairs and maintenance or daily mundane tasks, such as keeping up with your bills and mail.

2. You’re thinking about possible future health concerns.

While your health might be in good standing right now, that might not always be the case. Sooner or later, you might not feel comfortable caring for your pet, driving a car, climbing the stairs in your home, or going to the grocery store. If you’re concerned about these or other potential physical challenges, it might be time to consider your options for moving into a supportive community environment.

Independent or assisted living facilities can provide you with access to pet care or pet walking services, driving/chauffeur/shuttle services, and 24-hour staff to assist you with daily living activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and more personal tasks like medication management, bathing, and dressing.

3. You’re concerned about your cost of living.

If your retirement funds are limited, the cost of remaining in your home might not be the best option for you. The expense of modifying your current home to fit your needs — such as hiring a caretaker and adding age-friendly modifications for one room alone — can add almost $200,000 to your annual income.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some retirees can add over $75,000 to their savings by selling their home. If you’re seriously considering senior housing options, a senior living placement agency can help you find a community that includes additional services and amenities in the monthly cost of living, such as:

  • Meals

  • Transportation

  • Security and emergency monitoring

  • Housekeeping and laundry

  • Health and medical services

  • Social activities

4. You want a richer social life.

With all of the health and wellness changes that come with old age, one change that’s almost never mentioned is loneliness. As your children grow up and move away, or you begin losing your friends and loved ones to illness and old age, social isolation can slowly set in. Once it does, it can lead to health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline. It can also cause you to lose interest in the hobbies and activities you used to enjoy.

Moving into an independent or assisted living facility can provide you with the sense of community you may have been missing. These communities have social programs that will allow you to meet new people, join a team sport or exercise class, try new activities, and form new friendships.

Considering an independent or assisted living facility? A senior placement service can help.

Finding the right senior living community can be overwhelming, especially as we collectively navigate the collective challenges presented by COVID-19. Welcome Home Senior Living Services & Placement Co. is here to help you with your search and decision. We proudly serve Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches, the Florida Keys, and Lee and Collier Counties.

Our mission is to help you embark on this new chapter of your life with excitement for what lies ahead. Contact us today to begin your search.



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