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Why You Should Use a Local Senior Placement Advisor

When searching for the right senior living options for your loved ones that require independent living, memory care, or assisted living, your best option is to use a local senior placement advisor.

You want your loved ones to have a great experience with the transition and don’t want to end up choosing the wrong service for them; or place them in a facility that isn't the right fit for their lifestyle.

Rather than doing it all by yourself, it’s advisable to use a local senior placement advisor. Here’s why:

They research the senior communities and facilities

A local senior placement advisor is familiar with the communities in the area, visits them regularly and does pre-tours and screenings to ensure compliance with the best standards.

They have a comprehensive idea of the pros and cons, costs, and the reputation of each senior living facility. They’ve visited these communities and will help you find one that best suits your loved one.

Guidance and follow-through

A local senior placement advisor can guide you in your search for the ideal senior living facility. They give you advice from start to finish, not backing down until the task is done and you’re fully equipped with the knowledge required to choose the best community.

Personal care advice

A local senior placement advisor is the best choice for you when seeking a care facility for your loved ones. They work with you and the rest of your family to determine the best choice.

They understand your loved one’s personal needs and will offer guidance and support throughout the process. A local professional will accompany you on tours, support move-in, and assist with the paperwork.

Leverage on their personal relationships with various facilities

Local senior placement advisors are good at what they do and can benefit you tremendously, primarily because of their existing relationships with senior care facilities. They often have affiliations with various senior communities and thus know which one is right for your loved ones.

Follow up after move-in

Compared to someone on the internet who won’t take a personal interest in your loved one, a local senior placement advisor will follow up after your loved one has moved in. They’ll check to make sure your loved one has settled in well and that the community is meeting you and your loved one’s expectations.

Rather than starting from scratch or making inquiries where you could easily be misled, why not leverage our existing and well-established local experience and relationship with senior facilities? Call or shoot us a mail to get started. We’ll be glad to help!



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