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My Parents Made Me Promise To Never Put Them Into a Senior Living Community

If you have senior parents who are showing signs of cognitive or physical decline and simply just can’t live on their own, then you may have to make the difficult choice of placing them in a senior living community.

For both you and them, it can be a tough choice to make. The decision is even worse if you’d vowed to never place them into a senior living facility. You are consumed by guilt and you are torn by trying to keep a promise and keeping your own health and sanity intact. You fight an internal battle between your parents' health and safety concerns and their well being, which can best be met in a community setting.

However, after some research and discussion, placing them in a senior living facility can be a great option for numerous reasons.

Why senior living is a great choice

Specialized senior care

Your parents will be getting top-quality care and attention in a senior living facility. Professionals get the job done, so you can go about your daily business knowing that your parents are well taken care of, perhaps more so than if you did it yourself.

They’ll be fully assisted at all times with various daily activities like walking, transferring, using the bathroom, bathing, dressing and eating. Even better, they’ll be supervised at all times so they don't inadvertently put themselves in harm's way.

The Right Move

Taking care of seniors is hard work that can drain you physically and mentally. It’s a genuinely loving gesture for you to take it on, but it’s not sustainable in the long term.

Eventually, as they get older or their conditions worsen, you’ll have more significant problems on your hands and more duties. You’ll have to spend more time with them, to the detriment of your own personal activities.

As a result of enrolling your parents in a senior living community, you’ll have more quality time with them, knowing that they are getting the care they need.

A fun social life

As your parents advance in years, they become more isolated, both physically and mentally.

The adverse effects are depression, reduced mobility and poor health. In a senior living facility, your parents can enjoy the company of their peers, socialize and participate in a wide range of activities that'll keep them strong and happy.

Peace of mind

Having your parents living in an independent or assisted living facility means peace of mind for you. Now, you can go about your daily activities confident in the knowledge that they are well taken care of, even in your absence.

Easy access to outings and socialization

As they get older, many seniors find driving to be more stressful and difficult, especially at night. This contributes to social isolation, as seniors may not want to go out as much.

Because of this, it's hard to move around and attend social functions.

In senior living communities, they have access to transportation services. They can either go solo for special events and medical appointments, or go in groups for outings.

At Welcome Home Senior, we provide consulting services to help you find the right senior living community for your parents. Get started today!



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